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- Remove the PAIN is an obliged stage, for the functionality recovering!

- How TENS works

- The “GATE CONTROL” theory


- The FREQUENCY of pulses in the analgesic stimulation

- Positioning of the electrodes in the analgesics stimulation

NMS Neuro Muscular Stimulation Techniques

- The wave shape

- The stimulation frequency


- The phases of electrostimulation

- Electrodes positioning

FES (functional stimulation)

- The stimulation level

- The threshold FES


- Stress incontinence

- Urge incontinence, due to vesical instability.

- Mixed incontinence

- Perineal electrostimulation

- Effects of the perineal electrostimulation

- Weights for perineal exercises

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The method TENS...

...is based on the well known ''pain modulation mechanisms'', deriving from the selective stimulation of some sensitive nervous fibres (Gate Control) and on the increased secretion of endogenous analgesic substances (Endorphins), by our organism. Through two or more electrodes, simply applied over the painful area, it is possible treating the ACUTE PAIN and the CHRONIC PAIN, more specifically: Neck pain, Back pain, Muscular pain (Myalgia), Sciatica, Neuralgias, Joints Pain, Periarthritis, Tendonitis, Sprains, Epicondylitis, menstrual Pain, etc.

Advantages of TENS:
It is safe and effective, it does not have side effects, it does not make use of drugs, he is applicable anywhere.