elettrostimolatori tens

pains is the worst thing tens elettrostimolatori tens

It is an alternative electrode system, which is based on a reusable electrode in conductive silicon

elettrostimolatori tens

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- Remove the PAIN is an obliged stage, for the functionality recovering!

- How TENS works

- The “GATE CONTROL” theory


- The FREQUENCY of pulses in the analgesic stimulation

- Positioning of the electrodes in the analgesics stimulation

NMS Neuro Muscular Stimulation Techniques

- The wave shape

- The stimulation frequency


- The phases of electrostimulation

- Electrodes positioning

FES (functional stimulation)

- The stimulation level

- The threshold FES


- Stress incontinence

- Urge incontinence, due to vesical instability.

- Mixed incontinence

- Perineal electrostimulation

- Effects of the perineal electrostimulation

- Weights for perineal exercises

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A LOGIC choice... ...for pain management! LogiSTIM®TN-11 - Easy to operate digital, pain Management unit (T.E.N.S.).
Effective easiness - refined technology - logic ergonomics. Imagine mixing together: effective easiness, refined technology and ergonomic design, in the same TENS unit; if the result is also inexpensive, it can be only LogiSTIM®TN-11. In fact, it offers, much more than the expected functions of a modern TENS unit, it is EASY to operate and... "irresistible" to be owned.

  • Intuitive Operation

  • Large LCD display

  • 5 operating Modes

  • any parameters shown

  • “edit & feel” function

  • 3 Selectable wave shapes


Digital unit for analgesic therapy T.E.N.S. - Dual independent channels - Last used program loading - Count-down timer with switch-off at the end - Auto-switch-off if not in use - Accumulative recording of the treatment time (in hours) - Lock function capability, by the doctor.

Technical features:

Supply: 2 Alkaline batteries 1,5 V AA (LR6) Output: Max. 130 mA pp on a 500 Ohm load Pulse width: From 50μS to 250μS adjustable in steps of 10 μS Frequency: From 1Hz a 150Hz (1-2-3-4-5-10-12-14-16-18-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-60-70-80-90-10-110-120-130-140-150) Wave shape: Biphasic Simmetrical Pulses – Biphasici Asimmetrical Pulses - Monophasic Pulses, easily selectable Treatment timer: Continuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min selectable Dimensions: 100mm x 65mm x 32mm Weigth: 150 g. including batteries


LogiSTIM® TN-11 is supplied complete with: 1x Therapeutic unit TN-11 2x Connection wires 4x Self-adhering electrodes 40x40mm with 2mm socket connectors 2x Alkaline batteries AA1.5Volt (LR6) 1x Instructions booklet 1x Stuffed bag 

Effective easiness - refined technology - logic ergonomics

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